February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Kelly Cone

Kelly Cone, Chief Strategy Officer at ClearEdge3D, Inc.; formerly Director of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) at design-build firm Beck Group. At Beck he and his team pioneered the use of laser scanning, 3D modeling, construction verification, UAVs, photogrammetry and numerous other advanced technologies to make the design-build workflow at the company ever more efficient. Now with ClearEdge3d, he is putting those experiences to solving the problems our industry faces with technological limitations. Our world is filled with new, exciting, and sometimes even amazing technologies; but the AECO industry is often last in line to get their hands on them. At ClearEdge we are committed to applying the most recent advancements in reality capture, computer vision, and positioning technologies to dramatically improve what can be accomplished in the design and construction of buildings! A frequent speaker, blogger, seminar leader and recognized thought leader, Cone is considered one of the foremost experts in BIM technology and workflows in the construction industry.

“While I’m looking forward to ANY event I can actually attend in person; I’m particularly excited about the conjunction of SPAR 3D, AEC Next, ILMF into a single event for 2022! Far too often we silo ourselves into an industry, but this is precisely why innovations are slow to migrate from one industry to another. The geospatial industry is responsible for the information the built world is constructed upon; and there is so much overlap in technology, processes, and knowledge. Bringing these three events together is a great opportunity for us all to learn from each other and share the tools and processes each industry is excelling at applying.”

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